Addie Mccallie

Hello My Name Is...

Addie McCallie

I have taught science at CSAS for the past seven years. I have been married for six of those years and a mom for two of those six. My husband, two daughters, and I love to go running and explore the beautiful parts of the great city of Chattanooga. We do not have any pets, but my oldest daughter loves dogs.

I grew up just outside of Atlanta, GA, graduated with my Bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), and graduated with a Master's in Education from UTC. Chattanooga is not my first home, but it has been a wonderful home for me and my family. We hope to enjoy this city for a few more years!

I have an outstanding love for education. My dad is a retired teacher of 34 years, and my mom continues to work in the public school county office where I grew up. The education system was something that was familiar to me throughout my upbringing, and a means by which I view the world.

I firmly believe that life is not meant to be stagnant. I believe in growth, change, and transformation. Therefore, I think the best kind of educator is one that genuinely pursues a life of learning. Every summer I try to expand my own teaching practice by reading new books, participating in teacher workshops, and leading other teachers when given the opportunity. I believe that my own pursuit of learning greatly impacts the degree to which my students accept and challenge themselves when they learn.

With that being said, I believe that all students have the ability to achieve the same high standards, and I want to push all of my students to achieve the great things they were made to achieve. So, I invite you and your student to do great things with me during this school year. Let’s start learning!