CSAS is a magnet school that serves K-12. Applicants interested in attending must fill out an application and get added to our waiting list. We admit students first-come, first-served from the list.

 Applicants interested in applying for 1st-11th grade can fill out and return an application year-round. The applications are available to download below, or can be picked up from the school in person. Applicants are added to the waiting list according to the date/time of submission. 

The Kindergarten admissions process is held one year in advance of the student starting school. Applicants cannot complete the admissions process or submit the Kindergarten application earlier than their child's eligibility for Kindergarten (i.e. you can only complete the 2020-2021process if your child will be eligible to start Kindergarten for that school year.)  After the lottery is held, applicants wanting to apply for kindergarten can submit an application to be added to the waiting list.

Please see below for more details on the Kindergarten process for the 2020-2021 school year starting September 2019.


CSAS and CSLA Kindergarten application process
Step One: Required Information Meeting

TBD (beginning September 2019)

Parents/Guardians of interested in their rising Kindergarten student attending CSAS or CSLA in 2020-2021. Must be a resident of Hamilton County and student must be 5 years old by August 15, 2020.

Families must complete the 3 steps at the school they hope to attend. If they are willing to attend either school, they must complete the steps at BOTH CSAS and CSLA.

  • Step One: Information Meetings (above) - At this overview of the Paideia philosophy, the school curriculum, and school citizenship expectations, all interested families with a child eligible for school 2020-2021 will receive a lottery application. The applications will be completed and turned in following the information meeting.

  • Each completed lottery application will be drawn and numbered according to their order as selected from the drawing. This forms the waiting list for entry year 2020-2021.

  • Steps Two and Three: Tour & Seminar - Parents of applicants drawn numbers #1- #50 must attend a school tour AND Socratic Seminar in order for the child to qualify for admissions for the upcoming year. Application to both CSAS and CSLA require meeting these requirements at both campuses. All steps of the admissions process must be completed, as the lottery alone does not guarantee enrollment. Numbers above #50 (51+) in the lottery will not be eligible for a space 2019-2020, but they will form the waiting list for future admission eligibility, grades 1 and above.

    - Tours: TBD
    - Seminar: TBD

    - Tours: TBD
    - Seminar: TBD


  • Successful completion of both after-lottery steps will make the student eligible for admission as space is available (siblings and children of staff are pre-admitted). Final acceptance numbers, beginning with applicant #1, will be notified of admission in 2020.
  • Families who have not fulfilled their volunteer commitment in any of the Hamilton County magnet schools will not be eligible for enrollment at CSAS. Sibling admission is dependent upon satisfactory completion of the parent involvement commitment. Sibling preference is honored if an older sibling is enrolled and in good standing for the upcoming school year. Siblings of graduating seniors do not qualify for sibling preference. CSAS admits students on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For more information, contact Laura Jetton at or at (423) 498-6846.



    - 1st-5th Application
    - 6th-8th Application
    - 9th-11th Application
    - Admission Overview



    Any resident of Hamilton County whose child will be entering kindergarten (must be five years old on or before August 15th) is eligible to submit an application. CSAS serves grades K-12. Students interested in applying for grades 9-11 at CSAS must contact the admissions office or one of the guidance counselors to discuss graduation requirements. Students applying for 10th and 11th grades must also supply an official transcript showing that they have sufficient credits to permit admission to the grade for which an application has been submitted. Applications for grades 1-11 will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis and are available year-round in the main office of the school. Applicants will be added to the existing applicant pool for the grade to which they apply, sequenced by the date and time of application.


    CSAS is a public school. While there is no tuition for students living in Hamilton County, there is an activity fee which covers materials unique to the program, such as science laboratory logs, supplemental educational materials, mailing costs for parent newsletters, conferences, appointment letters, etc. Each year fees are set and approved by the Hamilton County Board of Education. Tuition is charged in accordance with school board policy. Students who live outside Hamilton County pay a tuition fee. Current tuition charges can be obtained by contacting Central Office at 498-7020. Bus transportation is available for students from a number of central locations. It will be necessary for parents to make arrangements to drop off or pick up students at those locations.


    We consider the following criteria in the student admission process:

    • The willingness of parents/guardians to actively participate in the educational experience of their children by completing at least eighteen hours of volunteer time per year. Parental involvement is key in helping insure the child(ren)'s academic and behavioral success. Parents of all students must also attend two parent/teacher conferences per year. Parents with scheduling conflicts must make arrangements to make up the conference within two weeks of the original conference date.
    • The commitment of the student to undertake the demands of the curriculum to the best of his/her potential.


    • Siblings applying to grades other than kindergarten or applicants who have become siblings will receive sibling preference by being placed at the top of the list by date and time of application for the year that they apply (or applied). We do not and have never put siblings ahead of applicants who applied prior to them.
    • Transfers will not be allowed between magnet schools.  After accepting placement and reporting to the school, students will be expected to continue in their chosen magnet school through the end of the current school year. Students may apply to another magnet school for the following year if they so choose.
    • If a student is unable to progress to the grade level for which he/she was accepted, he/she will have to attend his/her zone school and an eligible student will be selected to fill the slot. The application will be adjusted to the correct grade level waiting list according to the date received.
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